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Last Neanderthal is a Contractor that does Home repairs, maintenance, and improvements.

We are screened and certified by Angi Homeservices / HomeAdvisor.

Our staff has over 15 years of experience working for home owners, business owners, and landlords. We specialize in home maintenance, repairs, and  improvement.

Wondering about options and costs? Call or Text us to discuss your project or schedule a free local estimate. Always pressure-free. We can provide multiple options and prices on most projects.

As an independent contractor, we are not restricted to any one supplier or manufacturer. We can offer a wide range of materials and options for all your projects. We can and do often work with customer-supplied products and materials.

You can rely on our experience and fair pricing for your project, large or small, to be
seen through to completion.

Bulk pricing available for Landlords. Ask us about our budget turnover special.



handyman Last neandertal


If it's broken, we'll fix it.

For all your every day needs, call or text us for a response within hours. Moving and lawn maintenance available as well.

handyman Last Neandertal


Repairs and renovations for all types of bathrooms. 

handyman Last Neandertal

Drain Cleaning

Slow or clogged drains? Kitchens and Bathrooms. Sinks and Bathtubs. We do them all

handyman Last Neandertal


Installing, renovating, and repairing cement, hardwood, tiled, plank, sheet vinyl, and epoxy flooring.

handyman Last Neandertal


Small or large

Leave it to us.

handyman Last Neandertal


Repairs, modifications, small additions, complete renovations, and custom cabinetry. Call us for a clear and fair estimate.

handyman Last Neandertal


Installing and repairing doors and windows, frames, and hardware.

on single-pane windows under 36". 

handyman Last Neandertal


High-quality indoor painting, with a wide variety of options. 

Pricing is always clear and competitive. 

handyman Last Neandertal


Thorough pressure washing with eco-friendly formula. Siding and pavement. 

handyman Last Neandertal


We offer scheduled, preventative, and urgent repair and maintence services and packages for residential properties small and large. We also offer budget level no-frills rental turnovers.


Pricing Details

Last Neanderthal ALWAYS provides CLEAR and COMPETITIVE pricing.

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Send us a mesage on facebook        . Text us. Call us. or look up at the sky and shout out "Neanderthaaal"
"Whatever you do, Let 
Last Neanderthal know what you need, add questions or pictures, and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

 Email: LastNea@Gmail.com

 Mobile: 908-318-4048

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NJ LIC # 13VH09565400 | PA REG # PA161548 | INS # UDC-4500929-CGL-20
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